Lilu's Big Ol' NRBC Hub

Welcome to Lilu's Big Ol' NRBC Hub. Because we're expected to have one of these babies, tada! I have made one. Oooh, marvel at it. Navigation at the left will give you my battling crits, navigation at the right will give you their previous stages.

Poke around, feel free to peek, and we'll see you on the battlefield!

Fine Print:
The NRBC, or Nowhere Realm Battle Coallition, is a collection of cyberpets who battle and roleplay together with a very thorough stats and damage system. The battle system is copyright to Indy, and all creatures are copyright to their respective artists. Please don't rip off any ideas.

Freeeeeen! :D

Text and layout copyright to Lindsay "Lilu" Buck, 2006. All other images copyright to their respective owners and artists.